What Is Statuario Marble Slab ?

Statuario Marble Slab is a high-quality marble slab quarried from the mountains in Italy. It is created by using crushed stone, slag and other elements to give it its unique texture. This natural surface has an international reputation for its beauty because of the variations found within each piece. Statuario Marble slab has been quarried for centuries and is an excellent product.

Statuario Marble For Kitchens

Where Can We Use Statuario Marble Slabs?

Statuario marble Tiles can be used for exterior and interior flooring applications to create both elegant and rustic environments including following places:

  1. KITCHEN : We can use statuario marble slabs in kitchen as kitchen flooring, kitchen backsplashes and even as kitchen countertops.
  2. BATHROOM : We can use statuario marble slabs in bathroom as bathroom floors, bathroom backsplashes and even for a sink area.
  3. LIVING ROOM : Statuario marble living room slabs are a versatile material that provide warmth and elegance to the living room with open concept layouts.
  4. ENTRYWAY : We can use statuarion marble slabs in entryways as flooring to create a beautiful rustic feel.
  5. BALCONY : Statuario Marble Slab is one of the most elegant material for outdoor flooring. It can be installed as large slab or in mosiac form to create an eye catching patio.
  6. POOL AREA : Statuario marble pool slabs creates an elegant ye functional surface that is soft on bare feet, resist staining and provide a comfort surface to walk of to sit on.
  7. EXTERIOR : Statuario marble slabs can be used as exterior wall cladding and flooring applications that need an extremely durable, water resistant material.
  8. OUTDOOR FIREPLACES : Statuario Marble Slabs be installed as an elegant hearth for outdoor fireplaces or used a fireplace as the actual functional surface.

Advantages Of Statuario Marble Slabs?

Statuario marble is renowned for its timeless elegance, durability, and versatility. Its unique veining patterns and color variations make it an ideal choice for interior design projects. Statuario marble is also known for its ability to maintain room temperature, being cool in summer and warm in winter, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces.:

  1. Easy to install
  2. Light in weight
  3. It helps maintain the temperature of your home keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. As such, you don't need heavy curtains or over-sized furniture.
  4. Durable and resistant to heat, scratches and stains.
  5. it's easy to clean too! With a little soap and water you can remove any dirt or dust from the surface of your statuario marble tiles in no time at all.
  6. It is a great material for your home.
  7. It's an elegant and luxurious product that will give you the desired look of elegance to any room in your house!.
  8. It has plenty of colours to choose from: black, beige, brown, grey or white.
  9. You can also combine two or more colours for an even better look.

Statuario Marble Slabs Finishes ?

  1. Glossy
  2. Bookmatch